Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artist of the Month - Mar 2012

Missed this last month! And I don't feel like putting in a repeat performance! The good news is that I've had longer to think of a winner (like it's really a big deal, right?). Anyway...onto the announcing. A-P's artist of the month for March 2012 is...

*drum roll*

David Garrett

Sound familiar? I've posted a video before of a long-haired chum with a hoodie and a violin, and since then I've been listening to more and more of him. Trust me, I put this guy up with Charlie Daniels and Mairead Nesbitt as fiddling royalty! German-American child prodigy, he's been playing since the age of four and got his first Stradivarius at age 11. He recorded his first album when he was 13, for Pete's sake! His style is a blend of classical violin and modern rock, and he does it well. In 2008, he became the world's fastest violinist by playing Flight of the Bumblebee in a staggering 1 minute, 6 seconds (the record has since been broken, but still...holy cow!) I wonder how many bows he goes through every performance? ;)

The Fifth

Mr. Garrett's spin on Beethoven's fifth symphony. Superb stuff.

Walk This Way (with Orianthi) 
Claire de Lune
He's a Pirate
Music of the Night
Flight of the Bumblebee (speed record)  Skip ahead to 5:41 for the actual record-breaking.

As always, happy listening!

Your pal,


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