Friday, May 25, 2012

The Internet Is Great For...PONR!

Disclaimer: I ripped that title off of a captioned pic of the stage version of this particular number, and that is a warped lyric from Avenue Q. Just to let you know. know you want it. You know you love it. Try and tell me that this doesn't make your head explode. An entire post filled to bursting with "The Point of No Return"'s a phangirl blogger's dream come true!

Michael Crawford (with Dale Kristien)

Gerard Butler (with Emmy Rossum)

John Owen-Jones (with Celia Graham)

Hugh Panaro (with Rebecca Pitcher)

Juan Carlos Barona (with Julia Moller)

Ramin Karimloo (with Gina Beck)

 All right, that's enough raging fire (and raging hormones!) for the day. Enjoy your weekend!

Your pal,


  1. RedDeathMasquerade666May 27, 2012 at 12:45 AM

    Hey, Angels!!! It's RDM from!!! This is the BEST blog post EVER!!!!!!

    1. Hey there! *waves* Would you believe I had a blast putting it together? :D

  2. Alright Angels, just...just stop it. My uterus came back to me after being scared off from taking care of kids for a long time. It told me it wants babies from all those now. But I eplained to it that my ovaries have been singed from jump street ever since Gerard sang "What raging FIRE shall flood the soul?" In that deep, growling, make-me-lose-my-mind/panties voice. Two words for PONR

    OH GOD! Yep, he is definitely going to have to change those initials from Opera Ghost indeed. xD

  3. Somehow, I knew I'd see you here, Adri...And I posted the Gerard video second in am attempt to convince my own ovaries that the deep growling voice wasn't the reason I did this post in the first place...didn't work at all. LOL

  4. HAHA! Yeah...ok. I think I hear the sound of denial in the air xD Of course I am going to be anywhere PONR is *faints* And damn the growl the f***ing growwwwlll AHHHH!

    John Owen-Jones can kidnap me and bring me to the lair any day of the week. Preferably every day...and night LOL!

    Besides the endless ovarian sizzling this song induces, I have to say the lyrics are flipping genius! Lyrically this is one of my favorites in POTO, it is like poetry wrapped in flames and served on a plate of awesome sexiness. Girl how am I going to contain myself when I see JOJ? They are going to have to put in some next level Hannibal Lecter getup mask and all. But you know I would escape LOL! You will know it is me on the video on the news because I will be the one foaming at the mouth pinning him down during PONR and ripping at that cloak LOL!

    *sigh*'s time to take my meds.

    1. Ah, don't worry, no more denial from me. I'll broadcast my shamelessness to kingdom come!

      I still haven't let my dad listen to this one, as he'd carry on about the kind of smut I'm into forever after, but those lyrics are incredible! That's probably one of the classiest, most poetic euphemisms for The Deed I've ever heard of (aside from MOTN).

      And I honestly can't help figure out how to stay cool for JOJ. If I were there with you, I'd be on that news video right beside you! XD

  5. LOL! Right? "what warm unspoken secrets will we learn? beyond the point of no return."

    WHOA! You had me at warm. xD That is just straight up sexy X a billion. Throw in the nice hands and I am trying to deep throat my computer screen.

    What the f**k is it about Phantom that I am totally okay with all his crazy bullsh*t and noose skills and am actually turned on by him yelling? Any other dude I would be on the first train outta crazytown but Erik? Nope. You would have to pry me off him with a crowbar.

    Things I am going to yell at JOJ:


    Get in that bed!
    (cause the tour has a bed on stage SCORE!)

    Yeah, I am going to be a prying pandora. Down your pants OOOHHHHH!

    You can kidnap me any day!

    My car won't start if you don't put your key in it. And when I say my car I mean my lady parts.

    And the list goes on...

    Damn I am straight up stalking you Angels! xD

    1. Stalk on, honey! Stalk on! LOL

      Aw, crap, you just HAD to go there with the hands...*bangs head against desk*

      It's the phangirl hormones taking over, I tell you! Any other crazed psychopath, and I'm whipping out the crucifix and the silver bullets, but Erik? Hell to the no! If anything, I'm the crazed psychopath in that circumstance!

      Whatever you do, don't get thrown out of the theater! You have to tell me all about it! I only wish I could smuggle myself on the plane in your suitcase! *sniff*

      Ah well, I've always got the vids to fall back on. :)

  6. Aw dude you know I would so shove you in my suit case and/or dress you as a seeing eye dog. LOL!

    You know I am going to be taking bootleg videos because I am ghetto like that xD Gotta savorrrr the moment. Mmm wanna savor Phantom's...*cough* *cough* what was I saying?

    Yes the hormones are outta control! You know you need to be laid when hands reduce you into a pool on the floor. Only other phans understand the craziness I swear.

    And I am sad that my "URL" on my first comment didn't show next to my name. I thought it saying "Adri" then "" would have been hilarious

    1. BAHAHAHAHA! Where's that rolling icon when you need one? You know, that actually popped up as a link in my email, and in a moment of stupendous perviness, I clicked it...and NOTHING HAPPENED! XO

      I've tried explaining to non-phans about why the double standard when it comes to normal nutcases and Erik is really quite reasonable, but I always get the trademark Sarah Brightman deer-in-the-headlights in response. They just. Don't. Get it!

      Well then, tie a leash around my neck, make me walk on all fours, and call me Fido! I'm coming to Edinburgh! *Snoopy cheer*

  7. Hey, Angels! doesn't work anymore!! :(


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