Monday, July 1, 2013

Artist of the Month - July 2013

Greetings from the about three weeks ago...yep, this post is scheduled! It's really quite old for me, but it's shiny and new for you! Ain't that cool?


Right, so...moving on. Drum roll, please!

*drum roll*


Out of Little Rock, Arkansas and headed by the incredible, amazing, and stupendous Amy Lee (vocals, keyboards, songwriter). My brother likes to think he got me interested in this group, but I was singing "My Immortal" long before he ever heard of "Bring Me To Life." Enough of that, and on to the music! And the awesome videos!

Bring Me To Life

Sweet Sacrifice

My Immortal


End of the Dream


Call Me When You're Sober

I'd post some more because I LOVE this group, but this has gone on long enough. Happy listening!

Your pal,

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