Friday, June 21, 2013

Fave Phan Vids of the Year

There's a lot of abbreviations in that title...

Well, since tomorrow's mah birfday I'm doing something fun for Phantom Friday and throwing out my favorite fan-made videos I've seen this year. Enjoy!


Using clips from the 2004 movie, the 25th anniversary, the Aussie production of Love Never Dies, and the 1989 version with Robert Englund. Put together by the insanely talented emptyvoices on YouTube!

Happy - Liam Lynch

Something goofy that cracks me up every time.

Breath of Life - Florence + the Machine

Been obsessed with this song a LOT this year, and found some awesome videos  for it (emptyvoices did a Les Mis one! You gotta check it out!)

300 Phantoms

Video/audio mash-up for a couple movies starring...darn, what is that guy's name again? ;)

High School Never Ends - Bowling For Soup

Another goofy yet catchy song, using clips from the 25th anniversary.

Threw It On the Ground

DarthxErik's vid making another appearance!

See you tomorrow! Bring cake, balloons, and bourbon! :D

Your pal,


  1. Happy Birthday Angels! Thank YOU for the gift of these great videos. I could watch them all day long but then I wouldn't get anything done. Di


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