Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Who Did It Better? (Les Miserables edition)

Here we go with the OTHER most popular musical of all time (and who knows? I might even get my review of the movie posted sometime this century!). Marius was definitely not my favorite character when I read the book, as he so often seemed like a lovesick child, but I respected his choice to throw aside his whole world for a cause he believed in. If I had to put words to it, I liked what he did without liking him. In the musical, however, that was different. Very much so. So this one is all about Marius and his solo, "Empty Chairs At Empty Tables." Also known as my typical dinner shift at work!

Michael Ball

Aside from Michael Ball being a terrific singer...can't you feel his pain? "The very words that they had sung became their last communion..." Shivers! "Oh my friends, my friends, don't ask me..." It's heartbreaking--or at least, it's breaking my heart. Feel free to make your own assessments. You don't need to watch to feel the emotion; just close your eyes and listen. If you can't feel it, check your pulse because you might be dead.

Hadley Fraser

Well, duh! Listen to that! Listen to it! WHY does this man have to be so amazing?  He went from Marius on West End to Grantaire in the 25th anniversary concert to Javert back on West End (and don't get me started on his Javert) and I'm not sure there's anything he CAN'T do with his voice. I would love to see him play the Phantom!

Eddie Redmayne

This was one of my favorite scenes of the whole movie, and it was one of them that made me cry the first time I watched it. And the second...and the third...I mean it, I just lost it. If the actors in the movie weren't quite up to par from a technical standpoint (and it doesn't even seem fair to say that about Eddie, as he had one of the best voices of the cast), then they made up for it in raw emotion. I always say I prefer actors who sing, rather than singers who act, and this is why. If Michael broke my heart and Hadley blew my mind, then Eddie just destroyed me. I repeat: destroyed me.

No winners this time, as they are all amazing. So how about a three-way tie?

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  1. I'm just checking in to let you know I'm not dead and I agree that it's a tie!


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