Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Batch

More poetry! Yay!

Upon the wind, beyond the moonlight
Into the clouds in the dead of the night
Shooting stars, simple wishes
Softly whispered in the stillness
Perfumes carried on the breeze
Through the boughs of mighty trees
Hopeful singing fills the ears
Easing the ache of long gone years
The quiet voice of a nightingale
Sings of a beautiful, bittersweet tale
He calmly whispers in his tree
And sweetly sings his melody
A feeling of peace drifts through the air
And brings peaceful dreams, dreams without care
This sweetness waits forevermore
Serenity never known before
It's all in a dream, but feels so real
Rife with powers that soothe and heal
Close your eyes, you'll be there soon
Just ride the wind beyond the moon

"The Shy One"
You look my way, I look away
I just can't meet your eyes
My love for you only grows and grows
But you still don't realize

In my dreams I tell it true
In dreams I'm not this shy
I get lost in your angel face
And still I wonder why

How can it be so hard to tell you
What I feel for you?
Why is it so hard to say
Those sweet words: I love you?

Oh, why can't you see my love for you?
Why don't you know how I feel?
I swear I've never felt a love
That wounds as much as it heals

"Seraphic Love"
If I could hear an angel's voice
He'd probably sound like you
If all the world were mine, my love
I'd give it back to you

The way you hold me close to you
The sweet sound of your voice
Everything about you, love
Makes me sing and rejoice

A glimpse of heaven is in your eyes
A promise of joys to come
Burdens are eased, tears are dried
And all the wrongs are undone

One smile from you is all I need
To send me to the gates
My time's at hand, for in your arms
I know salvation waits

From raging seas to placid waters
I'll follow you for all time
I don't want wings like yours, my love
I want you to be mine

Hope you liked some of these, if not all of them!

Your pal,

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