Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Case You Need Something (Else) to Read...

Yeah, I'm cheating today. Instead making conversation out of some half-baked thought, I'm giving you a serving of your dear A-P's fan fics...make that phan phics.

The Phantom of the Chagnys
Three years have passed since Christine and Raoul left the Opera House, but she is still haunted by her memories...and possibly more. (I could tell you more about this, but then I'd have to kill you.)

The End of the Rope
Marry the Phantom and save Raoul...what if Christine said no? (This one came into being when I realized I hadn't found a single story in which Christine made this choice, so I ran with it.)

Psychotherapy of an Opera Phantom
Erik is finally getting the help he needs...(Far and away my most popular story to date!)

Broken Pieces
It's been two years since Christine left, and Erik still can't accept the loss. When he meets Vivienne, a young woman with past hurts of her own, they both just might have a chance to heal. (Doing my duty and supplying the phandom with my own E/OW phic. I gotta's more fun than you'd think it would be.)

Happy reading!

Your pal,

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