Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Scribbles

I had intended to write a brilliantly inspired post today, but I sadly don't have the time for it. Settle for this for now: my poetry! Or at least a sample of it...I've got tons more of these.

"I Am, I Need"
I am light with shades of dark
I am the eagle and the lark
I'm fire, water, earth, and air
And I've been searching everywhere

I need love to keep me warm
Two arms to shelter me from the storm
A heart that's faithful, a soul divine
Someone to belong to and to be mine

I am thunder and springtime song
I'm hatchling fragile and lion strong
I'm thorny rose and lovers' tears
And I've shed plenty through the years

I need someone to give me solace
See who I am and love regardless
A kindred spirit alive with life
Strong and undaunted by any strife

Give me the one I'm dreaming of
Send me my only, my one true love
I'm heaven's hymn, the cry of the lonely
I need my one and only

The mountain is high, its faces are sheer
There's no way around to be found anywhere
And so I must climb, up into the sky--
Oh, if I had wings with which to fly

I'm only halfway, and yet I am weary
My face is dirty, my eyes are teary
My fingers are bloody from this climb--
I wish for wings so I can fly

Another step, a little further
Take one breath and then another
I'm almost there, but still I sigh--
Oh, to spread my wings and then to fly

No greater joy could ever be
Than to soar above this stony scree
To roam the freedom of the sky--
I only need two wings to fly

"This Road"
This road that lies before me
So barren, blank, and dusty
It doesn't seem exceptional
Yet it has a hold on me

I'm out here on it on my own
It seems to roll into the sun
I hear it whisper on the wind,
"The journey's just begun"

This road is long and winding
And the sun continues sinking
The day is growing old and so
I slowly keep on walking

The rhythm of my constant tread
Fills my ears as I am led
By the bittersweet memory
Of those who've gone ahead

Do I dare to further roam
Down this path of sand and loam?
For I don't know what lies ahead
But behind me is my home

I've gone right off the beaten track
And forgotten every thing I lack
I've come too far to give up now
So there's no going back

I feel no fear to meet my fate
Nor have a thought to hesitate
For I know that this old road
My soul will vindicate

This road that lies before me
Has an air of mystery
And yet one thing is crystal clear
To follow it's to be free

Go in peace, take care of yourselves, and don't forget to turn off the stove.

Your pal,

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