Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reviews From an HBN (Witches' Brew - Terry Brooks)

Book five of the Magic Kingdom of Landover series.

Former Chicago lawyer Ben Holiday was proud and happy. And why not? The Magic Kingdom of Landover, which he ruled as High Lord, was finally at peace, and he and his wife, the sylph Willow, could watch their daughter Mistaya grow.

And grow she did - shooting through infancy in months, learning to walk and to swim in the same week. Mistaya had been born a seedling, nourished by soils from Landover, Earth, and the fairy mists, come into being in the dank, misty deadness of the Deep Fell. With dazzling green eyes that cut to the soul, she was as lovely as her mother, and Ben wanted nothing more than to enjoy his daughter's childhood and his peaceful kingdom forever. But his idyll was interrupted when Rydall, a king of lands beyond the fairy mist, assembled armies on Landover's border and threatened to invade unless Ben was able to defeat Rydall's seven champions.

Some counseled the High Lord to refuse Rydall's challenge, but Holiday could not, for Mistaya had been snatched from her guardians by foul magic. And Rydall held the key to her fate . . .


And my GoodReads review (sorry it's another short one):

I think I'm having a review burnout lately...

It took awhile for this one to get going, and I never really did warm up to Mistaya. She was too...precocious. She just knew everything, and she only went along with the grownups' wishes because it was her obligation, and she was just so special and *raspberry*. It was pretty predictable, even more so than the others in the series. I mean, I KNEW who Rydall of Marnhull was the first time he showed up at Sterling Silver! There was no point in dragging it out!

In the end, this one got three stars for three reasons. 1) There was plenty of Strabo, and I love Strabo. 2) Abernathy's dilemma of being transformed back into a man, only to have to face becoming a dog again to save everyone just made me love him even more. 3) Finally! We got rid of Nightshade! At last!

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