Friday, September 14, 2012

FF.Net: A Not-So-Guilty Pleasure

I write fan fiction. A lot of it. I read fan fiction. A lot of it. And I'm dishing out some of it this week because it's late and I have to get up in the morning and have to post something fast. Some of it's mine, some are a few of my personal favorites.

And it's Friday, so of course it's all to do with Phantom.

Repercussions by Angels-Protegee: With no options left to her, Christine must make a choice and face the consequences of her decisions.

The First Choice  by Angels-Protegee: Erik is looking for a singer, and it's not who you think.

Black Roses  by Angels-Protegee: "Jealousy is as powerful as any narcotic, you see, and when it consumes you so utterly, it can make you lose your can make you do things you'd never believed yourself capable of."

Condemnation  by Angels-Protegee: In a world of only darkness, there are no heroes. Heaven is just a lie. And salvation is as far away and untouchable as the sun.

Refused Penance  by xxInspireMexx: Unable, and unwilling to forgive, a woman struggles with tremendous loss in life while her faith is more than just tested. Facing solitude in an opera house that is no longer a refuge but a mausoleum, Phantom bears the pain of loss as well.

What Really Happened  by HDKingsbury: What really happened when the screen faded to black? This little bit of silliness was written after watching "the" movie – again. And hey? What's wrong with a little self insertion now and then?

Texts from the Infamous 'Phantom Phone'  by thiswillbeourfairytale: Nadir will regret the day he gave Erik the ability to 'text'...

The Opera Ghost Unraveled  by michellemybelle25: To find the true man beneath the mask, Christine must unravel the Opera Ghost from every role he chooses to play as they both learn what it really means to love.

Let It Bleed  by michellemybelle25: An aggressive outburst and its consequences.

Phantom of the Kissing Booth  by Kryss LaBryn: Gerik is in character. A brief, slightly silly look at his days of being 'locked in a cage'...


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