Friday, September 21, 2012

Phantom-y Fiddling

I stand firm in the belief that Erik's skills on the violin are overlooked waaaay too often in most Phantom discussions/adaptations/artwork/etc. But that's another conversation.

Anyway, another vid! Shocking, isn't it? This girl is just amazing, and ranks up there with Charlie Daniels, Mairead Nesbitt, and David Garrett as one of my fiddle-playing idols. Take a look at this, and you'll see why.

Lindsey Stirling - Phantom of the Opera medley

Now you see? Hardcore skills, AND she's even got the fancy moves thrown in there! She also does her own arrangements, directs, produces and edits her own videos, and she's got a new album coming out! I'll add that to my wish list. I'm in love with those costumes, too, especially the black ones. The edgy, rocker-chick thing with that uber-awesome purple violin (and here I thought I'd never find an electric that actually looked good!), and the long cloak in the snow...too cool!

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