Saturday, December 8, 2012

NaNo...Oh, Whatever...

From now until it's finished, this will be called the Great Novel Edit! Anyways, I was thinking that a new title deserves a new summary! The Phantom's Phoenix needs something with a little more mystery and more of the atmosphere of the story itself, with less dime-store romance. A thank you to the gal who helped work this one out!

"Two torturous years after the disastrous premier of Don Juan Triumphant, the Phantom wallows beneath the rubble and ruin from the flames he brought upon all. Setting Christine free after finally coming to understand love and sacrifice has cost him what was left of his soul. His opera house now destroyed and desolate in his own madness, even his beloved music has lost its power, and Erik merely waits for the end, to become the ghost he was long believed to be.

Yet in the oppressing silence a small ember hides within the ashes. Vivienne, a former ballerina now forced to become a street musician to earn what she can, seeks shelter in Erik’s domain after tragedy strikes her. However, she is an unwelcome guest, and is soon to learn that the hushed tales whispered behind the curtain about the Opera Ghost are true and she is not alone."


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