Friday, October 4, 2013

30 Week Phantom Challenge: Week 1

This ought to last us a good LONG while! This was originally posted as a 30-day challenge on Facebook (link to the page can be found here) last month, but I thought I'd borrow it and do it over here. Basically, it's an invitation for phan participation. Once a week, I'll post a new bit, and if you love Phantom and you read this blog, you're welcome to chime in! :D

Now let's get this show on the road!

Question one: How did you first learn about the Phantom?

I found sheet music for "All I Ask Of You" when I was fourteen and had no clue who the characters were (was Raoul supposed to be the Phantom?) Then I read Gaston Leroux's book when I was sixteen and started listening to Michael and Sarah and Steve on the OCR, but it wasn't until I saw the 2004 movie that my love for the whole thing was cemented. It was a work-in-progress for years, but when it finally hit me there was no going back. Frankly, I'm glad I learned about Erik, and not just because I love the story. If I hadn't gotten involved in Phantom, I wouldn't have met some great friends, my appreciation for music would be a WHOLE lot different, and I wouldn't even be the writer I am today. So, is it an obsession? Maybe so, but I'm hardly complaining!

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  1. What was I thinking?! I never took part in the 30-day challenge. Maybe some of the questions bugged me. I don't know. Anyway, I knew about some of the old movies and always thought of the Phantom as that skeleton guy. My sister dragged me to the '04 movie, I ate a bad hotdog and became irritated at a confusing singing movie.

    It wasn't until out of curiosity, I went to the Vegas stage production, that I became smitten by the Phantom! As a result, I've met a whole different group of phantastic friends, became interested in opera/performing arts and lo and behold have the framework to write my first novel. Prior to the '04 movie, I was satisfied following the Nascar circuit, golf and travel. How life has changed because of an Opera Ghost! Life is good!


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