Friday, October 18, 2013

30 Week Phantom Challenge: Week 3

Who is your favorite minor character?

Wait! From which version?

From the musical, it's Meg for me. She was so sweet and adorable, and I smile every time she says what's on everyone's mind: "He's here, the Phantom of the Opera!" There's fear in the delivery in the stage version, but she was still spunky enough to sneak down into the Phantom's lair and discover that mask. I like that quality, and I like how it's amplified in the movie. Movie!Meg always seemed full of possibilities to me. If she's curious enough to go poking around in creepy secret passages, what else might she know about our dear Phantom? Questions, questions, so many questions!

From the book, the Persian gets my vote. It doesn't seem fair to call him a minor character since he played such a big part, but he's hardly mentioned throughout the first half, and I want to talk about him, dang it! He's the voice of reason, the real hero of the story, and he's just as mysterious as Erik himself. I love his nobility, and how he was willing to risk his life to help Raoul rescue Christine. I hate that he's so overlooked! While my opinion of Susan Kay's book has changed drastically since I reviewed it, the Persian still remains one of my favorites in that, as well. He's true to the original: nobody's fool, the only friend Erik ever had, and the most straight-up guy of the piece. He's awesome!

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  1. Not to make it easy but I ditto your choices for the reasons you gave!


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