Saturday, July 14, 2012

A-P: Shutterbug 2

More photos! (I know, I know! Reviews are coming!)

As seen from the highway in St. Louis, Missouri in horrible traffic. Got some nice shots, though! And since St. Louis is en route to my grandparents, we have to hit that traffic every time. We actually took a detour one trip and went to the river to see the Arch up close. It was tall...

 St. Louis has a wonderful zoo, but ours in Nashville isn't too shabby either (it's actually a converted farmstead with some really cool history behind it...anyway...)
Hm...maybe not the best shot, but you can still see them back there. I've always loved giraffes...they look like they'd be clumsy and awkward, but they're just so graceful and serene.
I've also always loved elephants. I just think they're beautiful, intelligent creatures.
That's all for now!
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