Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surprise! More Books!

I'm taking my time between posts again, aren't I?

Guess what? I've got even MORE books waiting to be read! A co-worker lent me two more from the Sword of Truth series and the entire Magic Kingdom of Landover series (which is proving to be quite fun), and just this morning Mom and I were going through a box that just came out of storage for the first time in ten years. She found a bunch of her old dolls--including her collection of Dawn dolls; she was really excited about that--and I found my old copy of Fever 1793. I thought I'd have to get myself a new copy! I thought it was long since gone! There was the smallest bit of water damage, but apart from that it was good as new. There was even a paged still dog-eared from way back before I started using bookmarks!

How's that for a pleasant surprise, eh?

Your pal,

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  1. Haha! There's plenty more on the shelf. I don't have the latest books of the Sword of Truth series. I started losing interest around Chainfire - probably because I caught up with the publish dates. In fact, I only have one of the final Trilogy from Wheel of Time, which was the last book out when I caught up on it, too. Silly me and my impatience. Deathly Hallows kept me reading because I felt the imperative to finish it before the movie came out. Also: I was hoping Snape planned to be the next Dark Lord (pleasantly disappointed there). Speaking of Wheel of Time, I'll lend you the first whenever you feel ready.


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