Thursday, November 24, 2011

Aaand...A Little More Poetry

Playmates and lovers here for the night
Prancing about at the edge of my sight
Silently leading me from the light
Dancing with shadows

Slipping away as sweet dreams unwind
Racing ahead as I'm left behind
Off to a world that I'll never find
Chasing the shadows

Watching and waiting, a menace unknown
Turning fro dreams into nightmares of stone
I cry out for help, but I'm all alone
Running from shadows

Hidden from sight as the daylight dawns
Lovely and fearsome to gaze upon
Fleeing from light and yet never gone
Enigmatic shadows

"My Prayer"
Hear me
Heed my cry of lamentation
When the sound of my sorrow reaches you,
Chase it away and sing to me
I need you

Find me
Come to me in my darkest hour
When the night is weighing down,
Make the sun come up for me
I need you

Touch me
Reach out to me as I weep
Dry my eyes with gentle hands,
And when I tremble comfort me
I need you

Save me
Deliver me from my despair
Break the chains that bind me,
Give me wings and free me
I need you

Listen as I whisper softly
I need you

Your pal,

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