Monday, November 7, 2011

Fanfic Spotlight: MapleRock

So here's my new feature. I'm going to boast a bit about some of the work I've been seeing on and call attention to these writers' efforts...with their permission, of course. Sound good? Great. Let's get started. First up, a lovely young lady who goes by the nom de plume MapleRock.

Would you be surprised if I told you she's a phangirl? Her style is at once playful and pensive, and occasionally irreverent. If you need something to read, take a look at her work!

MapleRock's fanfiction profile

My personal favorite of her stories so far has to be "Fleeting Hope," a Leroux-based phic in which everyone's favorite Phantom has just moved into the lair beneath the Opera House when he gets an unexpected...and rather guest. It's humorous and heartwarming! Her most recent story is a Phantom-Frankenstein crossover called "The Corpses," and that one's worth the time too.

Fleeting Hope
The Corpses

Happy reading!

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