Sunday, November 20, 2011

Had To Share This 4

It's a double dose this time!

Evanescence - Going Under

I've been thinking a lot about this song the past few days. It must have something to do with the weird, infuriating, bipolar-esque mood I've been in. Anyway, another awesome video and an even better song. Can't you hear all that angst beneath those killer vocals? Ouch!

John Owen-Jones - The Music of the Night

Favorite video, hands down! First, John Owen-Jones is amazing! So powerful and seductive, yet tender and soothing... *swoon* Second, Gina Beck isn't even singing, yet she is in no way just part of the scenery here. For once, I feel like Christine isn't merely hypnotized by the music, but actually feels it. Wow.


Your pal,


  1. (Sweetly Intoxicated) Wow...John Owen-Jones IS amazing. Too bad he's in the UK as I don't think I'll be back to London for a while. I like that he carries Christine to the bed (SENSUAL!). Out of the six Vegas shows, I've seen the carry only once. It's got to be strenuous on the back with so many performances!

    1. I still get chills at "Let your soul take you where you long to be." And I'll bet it does pose some trouble to have to do the carry over and over again, but I like it so much better than when he just lets her fall to the floor.

  2. (Sweetly Intoxicated) I noticed John Owen-Jones uses that hypnotic arm-hand motion too. He performs in Dublin. I'd loved to go back to Dublin; the city of many colored doors. Dublin is a lot less hectic than London and with friendlier people. If I ever do, I hope John is still the Phantom!

    1. London AND Dublin?! Two of the three cities I most want to visit?

      I can't imagine a Phantom without hypnotic gestures. Didn't those start with Michael Crawford? It's spooky how much of his performance still remains in the role.


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