Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Artist of the Month - Nov 2011

I've decided that for the heck of it I'm going to feature a particular singer/band every month. At least I'll be guaranteed to come up with one post a month!

Anyhoodles, I had to do some thinking to decide who was going to be first. There are plenty of artists I admire, and plenty that have caught my eye lately, so narrowing it down wasn't easy (like it really matters anyway, right?). A-P's featured Artist of the Month for November 2011 is...

*drum roll*

The Band Perry

A fairly recent addition to the country music scene (and one of the very few country groups I'll listen to nowadays), the Band Perry is a trio of siblings: Kimberly, lead vocals, guitar, piano; Reid, bass guitar, background vocals; Neil, mandolin, drums, accordion, background vocals. They first captured my attention with the ballad "If I Die Young," written by Kimberly herself, the clever girl. I've since enjoyed all the so-far released singles. There's a distinct sound to them already, something in the strings that just says "This is the Band Perry." If you talk to me enough, you'll know I love to go on about how you can just tell one artist from another by listening to the guitar and how it's played. For this group's git-fiddle ID to already be thus established is quite something. Here's to you guys, and may you have a great career!

If I Die Young (I love the video! The whole Lady of Shalott concept is just beautiful!)

Hip To My Heart
You Lie  
All Your Life 

Hope you enjoyed the videos! I tried to post the videos themselves, but the links didn't take. Oh well.

Your pal,

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