Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Poetry

My apologies if you're getting tired of my rhyming, but I was stumped on a good post for today.

"The Stillness"
My heart beats softly when you're gone
It comes alive when you're close
I feel you underneath my skin
Always near me like a ghost

I've lost myself inside of you
Sinking into your very soul
We were only two lost hearts
Now two have made one whole

The stillness of the night reflects
The peace of mind we've found
So don't intrude upon it, love
And do not make a sound

We don't need to say a word
To say just how we feel
A message carried on a kiss
Is far more lucid and real

Don't break the silence here, my love
The night has just begun
The stillness plays a melody
As two souls become one

"Love At First Sight"
See the sun shine on her face
And the light that's caught in her curls
See flowers in her hair and her smiling eyes
And just know that you're her whole world

She'll stay by your side all through the winter
She'll never leave you when summer comes 'round
She'll be faithful forever, eternally true
To you, this new love that she's found

Though you've only known her a minute or two
For you she would lay down her life
She'll lead you to all of the joys to be found
And she'll follow through all of the strife

Up until now she's never known love
She's never known feelings so true
But now that she's found you, she'll never let go
'Til now, she's never known you

Master of illusion
Hiding the truth that lies in your soul
Expert in deception
Pretending your broken heart is whole

Your stripes are your disguise
A painted pelt that helps you to hide
Secrets lurk in your eyes
The mask you wear veils the tears you've cried

You try to hide your pain
And the darkness in your troubled mind
Nothing to lose or gain
Searching for peace that you'll never find

One last thread nearly torn
You're not as strong as you think you are
Fragile as a newborn
You're not the titan you say to are

Don't let fear control you
Don't give in to your hidden distress
I'm here now to hold you
You're not alone, my lovely tigress

Your pal,

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