Friday, June 15, 2012

Now Presenting: Gina Beck!

Let me bring this back to your attention:

Gina Beck

I don't even have words for this. I really don't. No, wait! Do "heart-wrenching" and "painfully beautiful" count? And you should hear her rendition of "Think Of Me!"

Remember that? Now take a look at this!

Think Of Me

Now did I tell you, or did I tell you? There's so many good versions, but I love this one the best! Can't you just hear the joy in her voice? And what did you think of that last cadenza? I don't consider myself a shabby singer, but I hear that and I know that I'm inferior. One of my favorites, for sure!

And as a special treat...

Love Never Dies

She's not in the show, but I had to include this. I New favorite rendition right here! *tear*

Your pal,

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