Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reviews From an HBN (Ten Things I Wish I'd Known--Before I Went Out into the Real World - Maria Shriver)

Gotta bump back a scheduled post to squeeze this one in here! I don't generally read self-help books, but my mother made me do it. LOL

Award-winning broadcast journalist and NBC anchor-woman Maria Shriver reveals the lessons she has learned that have guided her journey as a career woman, wife and mother.


My review as posted on GoodReads:

 My mom suggested to me that I read this...and as it turns out, she had an ulterior motive. Ms. Shriver's list, expanded from her commencement speech at the College of the Holy Cross (but you've probably heard that little detail before), is built up of everything both Mom and Dad have been trying to drum into my head for several years now. Let me pause to reflect on the perversity of the situation when you're more apt to listen to anyone but your parents, even if they're all saying the same thing...

This was short, direct, bright, and at times rather funny. Ms. Shriver shares her own anecdotes along with her advice throughout the chapters--in fact, she spends quite a bit of time talking about herself. But she does it in such a cheery, almost sardonic way that you appreciate how she's laughing at herself to drive her point home. This might originally have been a speech aimed at graduates, but I think everyone could benefit from reading it at least once. I for one plan on rereading it in the future.

Short review? Well, heck! It was a short book!

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