Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Who Did It Better? ("Roadhouse Blues")

A dream I recently had and a conversation with my mom prompted this one. Besides, I love the song and the contenders are legends!

The Doors original

In typical Doors fashion, they lyrics make little to no sense at some times, but they still have a habit of getting stuck in your head. I think my favorite thing about this one is the rockiness of it. The only way I can put it is, it slams. Really, it thumps and pounds and jumps and kapow! You're bobbing along before you can say "Lizard King." After "Break On Through (To the Other Side)" this is my favorite from the group. That's right, I'm about forty years younger than the generation that first heard this stuff, and I can't get enough of it!


Jeff Healey cover

Now, how do I describe this one? It's a little...cocky? Is that the word I'm looking for here? There's more swagger and a tad more swing to that groove. And more guitars! If there's one thing the original needed to be even better, it was more bendy guitar! But on the other hand, this is lacking in the down-and-dirty department, and that's a shame. It keeps me from choosing one over the other, which means I must have both and can't pick a winner! Curses!

It's up to you this time. Decide for me.

Your pal,

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