Monday, May 21, 2012

So As It Turns Out...

You guys don't mind if I rant about the novel reboot every now and then, do you? Gee, thanks!

Yeesh, this is harder than I though it was going to be, and I haven't even started writing yet! I'm still in the brainstorming stage! On one hand, this is the first time I've ever interviewed one of my own villains, and it's pretty fun and fascinating. I never stopped to consider any of these details before, and I can already see where the character is developing more depth beyond "bad guy." On the other, adding just a little more to the villain looks like it will alter the entire trajectory of the story. By giving her more motive and more dimension, I'm having to reconsider several plot points. I would have had to do that anyway, but...all right, let me use an analogy. In construction, it's extremely important to keep 100% straight lines when building foundations and walls. Even angling something a fraction of an inch out of line makes a whopping huge difference in how the wall sits in relation to everything else. What could only start out as 1/8" off the mark could very well become several inches plus in another direction.

What in the name of all that is holy does this have to do with writing? Well, it's starting small, but that little detail could end up turning the story far far away from what I had originally intended. It's cool; it's part of the process and I love seeing how things take on a life of their own in the creation stage. My problem? It's overwhelming!

How wimpy does that sound? I'm still rounding up my thoughts, and I'm already overwhelmed? Ah, whatever. This thing has given me grief for years and I think I was bound to crack eventually. I haven't quite cracked entirely, though, not when I can dump all my thoughts out and sift through them for something vaguely useful.

Hence this stupid post...

Your pal,

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