Saturday, May 5, 2012

Oops! Did It Again!

How do I manage to get myself swamped at the most inopportune times? How? The worst part is, I've swamped myself with (what other people might consider) trivial, unimportant baloney! Who really cares if I get all that editing done? Who cares if I check my inbox and filter out all the junk? Who cares if I work on those character interviews, bash out that next chapter, or even post some gobbledegook on this blog?

Well...I do. Yet it appears I'm strapped for time to do all of these things, which is why I can be found late at night sitting up in bed with a flashlight scribbling furiously on a few sheets of notebook paper, or early in the morning at the computer trying to get that email sorted down to a reasonable mess, or right now at the Internet station at the library feeling like the entire room is reading all of this over my shoulder...

Someone help me hijack the TARDIS so I can go back in time, be in several places at once, and get more done! No, wait, the TARDIS doesn't work like that. Gonna have to break out the ol' Time Turner!

Your pal,

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